Advanced Firearms Training and Tactics

Force 4 Training provides firearms training for civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel.  A variety of disciplines are covered, from basic to advanced.  If you are a beginner or an advanced shooter, we have the training to meet your needs.

Being a responsible gun owner involves knowing the safe and proper handling of your firearm.  This also includes being able to make responsible decisions when using that firearm.  Our goal is to provide interesting and relevant training so that you will not only enjoy the training, but will be able to apply it to your daily life.

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What we do..

We focus on teaching to master the fundamentals of shooting. Force4Training had extensive experience to bring to the table that all students can benefit from. Force4Training's knowledge is built upon both in the field and on the job experience.

How we do it..

We provide customized training plans based on many years of refining our courses utilizing all our combined practical experience. This refinement of our classes moves us beyond what other schools can provide. We are also able to offer Law enforecent, military sniper and advanced military sniper courses. 

Where we do it..

We have an amazing private range that is highly tactical and flexible to accomodate all the specialized classes we offer. The range is configured for pistol, carbine, shotgun and long range precision shooting. 

Train with the Best

We are fully committed to presenting the most thorough and comprehensive courses available to you.

We believe that when it comes to your life and the lives of your loved ones, you should make the commitment to train with the best.

Carbine, Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun classes and many more!



Our Philosophy

Our philosophy follows in line with the Combat Triad.  This includes having the mindset for self-defense, being able to confidently and effectively use your equipment, and utilize appropriate tactics.  These three provide you with the best opportunity for self-defense in a survival situation.